This Datsun 240Z perfectly blends retro style with modern performance

Dave Scholz’s Z-car is no longer stock, but it does boast original paint.

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Is a Water/Methanol Injection Kit the Tuning Aid You Need?

The premise behind water injection is simple: Squirt a mixture of water and methanol–windshield washer fluid, basically–into the engine’s combustion chamber to cool the intake charge and prevent detonation.

Are Older Cars Really More Enjoyable Than Newer Cars?

Everything, everything seems better when viewed through the soft lens of nostalgia.

Column: Remember, Racing Is Supposed To Be Fun–and That Time I Met Willy T. Ribbs

Racing can be—and often is—a serious business. However, don't lose sight of the fact that it's supposed to be fun for everyone.

Do Performance Brake Pads Really Matter at Autocross Speeds?

Do higher-performance brake pads really make a difference around an autocross course? We tested four flavors of brake pad on our Mazda MX-5 project car to find out.

Is the Valino VR08GP the next great 200tw contender? | Tire Test

Testing the Valino VR08GP against the Yokohama Advan A052 and the Falken Azenis RT660.

Tech Tips: 1997–2012 Porsche Boxster and Cayman (Plus 1997–2004 Porsche 911)

Porsche’s first generation of Boxster and 911 models—as well as later Cayman models—offers great value for first-time Porsche owners. Here are a few quick tips when shopping for that new-to-you …

Strap In: How to Properly Install a Racing Harness

Are your belts installed correctly?

Sorting a project car: The final step between good enough and perfect

While our nearly finished 2008 Honda Civic Si looked great, it still had some minor issues we needed to address during the sorting phase.

How to succeed on track before you even arrive

One way to do well at the track? Be prepared before you even get there.

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