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UTCC , #FastFriday , Ultimate Track Car Challenge , BimmerWorld , Bergsteiger
Can you beat BimmerWorld’s 1000-horsepower Bergsteiger? | #FastFriday

The UTCC is always a fierce competition, but you'll need to be seriously quick to beat the Bergsteiger.

BimmerWorld , Bergsteiger , Pikes Peak International Hillclimb
Questions about Bergsteiger? BimmerWorld has answers.

Questions about Bergsteiger, Pikes Peak or something else? Ask, and you could win BimmerWorld Pikes Peak 2021 goodie bag.

BimmerWorld , Pikes Peak , Bergsteiger
BimmerWorld's Bergsteiger breaks the 1000 horsepower threshold

Now with a freshly built BMW P63 powerplant from Roush Engines, Bergsteiger hits the dyno one more time before heading to Colorado.

BMW , BimmerWorld , Bergsteiger
In the October Issue | Meet the Bergsteiger, the Most Radical E36 Ever

This Insane E36 M3 Devotes Its 1000-Plus Horsepower to a Single Mission: Climbing Pikes Peak.

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