Fiat , X1/9
Before the Fiero and the MR2, There Was the Fiat X1/9

The Fiat X1/9 may not be as popular as the MR2 or the Fiero, but it can be just as potent with the right parts.

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Fiat , 500 , 124
The 500X Will Be the Only Model Available From Fiat in America for 2021

In a press release for the 500X, Fiat has confirmed that the 124 is dead for 2021.

Fiat , coupe , Rate It , Chris Bangle
Rate It: One of the First Cars Styled by Chris Bangle, the Fiat Coupé

Is an inline-five powerplant enough to accept the Fiat Coupé's Chris Bangle-designed exterior?

Abarth , Fiat , Rate It , 695 Biposto
Rate It: The Abarth 500 Race Car Built for the Street

The Abarth 695 Biposto may be the closest you can get to an actual Fiat 500 race car that is still street-legal.

Fiat , Mercedes-Benz , 190E , Your Projects , 133
Your Projects: A Mercedes-Benz 190E, a Fiat Ice Racer and a Soviet Battle Tank

Ever see a garage containing a Mercedes-Benz 190E, a Fiat 133 and a World War II-era Soviet tank?

Fiat , Honda , lemons , X1/9 , Your Projects
Your Projects: A Honda-Powered, Fiat X1/9 Lemons Racer

Like many great build threads here on the Forum, user TheTallOne17's project starts with pulling a broken car out of a storage unit.

Your Projects: Resurrecting a Fiat Racer

Today that Fiat is getting a second lease on life through a full rebuild.

You Need This: Murdered-Out, Flared Fiat X1/9

Stealies, flares and plenty of attitude.

Your Projects: Putting a Fiat X1/9 Back on the Road

This Fiat X1/9 is being brought back to life.

You Need This: Subaru STi-Powered Fiat

It's a good thing it has a wheelie bar.

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