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You Need This: Infiniti Q45t formerly used as show car for Stillen

This two-owner, low-mileage Infiniti Q45t was previously used as a show car for the tuning brand Stillen.

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LS-powered heavyweight vs. all-wheel-drive lightweight | #FastFriday

How do you like your Japanese track machine? A heavy hitter with a powerful engine or something nimbler and more lightweight?

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Rate It: When Sebastian Vettel Put His Name on an Infiniti FX50 Crossover

Infiniti chose the FX50 crossover, not a sports car, as its formula 1-inspired, limited-edition vehicle that bears Sebastian Vettel's name.

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Rate It: Infiniti's All-Electric, Open-Wheel-Race-Car Design Study

Is it true that what's old is new again? Infiniti seems to think so: Take a look at its all-electric Prototype 9 design study.

Coming Soon: Infiniti FX35 LS Swap Kit From LOJ Conversions

Want to make your own Porsche Cayenne killer?

Your Projects: Luxury on a Shoestring Budget

It's a cheap-as-chips luxury sedan.

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