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Does the Miata offer the best classic roadster experience?

Welcoming the Miata into the classic car world by pitting it against three iconic classic roadsters.

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MG , Rover , RV8
The RV8, MG's attempt to cash in on the success of the Miata

Seeing the success of the Miata, MG said, "Hey, we can do that too."

MG , electric , Rate It , E-Motion
Rate It: The MG E-Motion Is British for Electric Sports Car

Cheesy name aside, the MG E-Motion is the British carmaker's attempt to bring back its sporting roots with an all-electric sports car.

MG , Project Cars , Midget
Is Your Project Car Fully Sorted? (It’s Okay, You’re Here With Friends)

What's the difference between a mostly finished project and a fully sorted restoration? It's often a few smaller, easily-overlooked pieces of the puzzle.

You Need This: Turbo Midget

This modified MG Midget for sale has a turbo.

Your Projects: Widebody MG Midget

Forum member nocones built a widebody MG Midget to—you guessed it—dodge cones.

Reader's Ride of the Week: V12 MGB GT

It's an unlikely match for maximum autocross fun.

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