BMW M4 CS: Faster to 60 than a M4 CSL–and cheaper, too

By J.A. Ackley
May 9, 2024 | BMW, BMW M4, BMW M4 CSL, BMW M4 Competition

Photography Courtesy BMW

A quicker zero-to-60 time than a CSL and nearly $20,000 cheaper? Indeed, that’s what the 2025 BMW M4 CS offers.

BMW estimates the all-wheel-drive CS will do zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. The rear-wheel-drive CSL does it in 3.6 seconds. The CS starts at $123,500. The limited-edition CSL went for $139,900 before ending its run in early 2023.

There is a wrinkle to this story, though: weight. The BMW M4 CS scales at 3902 pounds while the CSL weighs 3640.

Weight inevitably affects lap times. At the Nürburgring, the CS ran a 7:21.99 and the CSL 7:20.2, a nearly 2-second difference.

BMW says that the CS falls between the Competition with M xDrive and CSL models. The 2025 Competition does zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds. It weighs 3979 pounds. The engine puts out 20 horsepower less than the CS and CSL. The weight and power make a difference, though. Motor1 took the Competition xDrive around the Nürburgring at 7:28.57, nearly 7 seconds slower than the CS. However, the MSRP on the Competition xDrive is $88,300, roughly $35,000 cheaper than the CS.

Which one is for you? That might be up to how fast you want to go and how much you want to spend.

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J.A. Ackley
J.A. Ackley Senior Editor
5/9/24 4:46 p.m.

I got to drive the CSL ... but unfortunately only on the streets. Every time I just begun to think of getting on the gas a police car appeared. I think the universe was trying to tell me something.

Colin Wood
Colin Wood Associate Editor
5/13/24 9:37 a.m.

In reply to J.A. Ackley :

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll get to drive this CS in more appropriate conditions.

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