Completed project cars

Feb 05, 2004
1974 Triumph Spitfire (Ro-Spit)

For our famed RoSpit project, we put a 200-hp rotary in a Triumph Spitfire. Hijinx ensued.

Feb 03, 2004
1990 Ford Mustang GT

We have been wanting to do a V8-powered project car for some time, and the stars and the moon finally got into the correct alignment to send a 1990 Ford …

Jan 24, 2004
2002 Mini Cooper

Ever since we first drove the new MINI Cooper at Import Carlisle last year we knew we needed to have one. We immediately contacted BMW, the parent company behind the …

Sep 15, 2003
1973 Porsche 914

We located a Zambizi Green 1973 914 in a tobacco barn in North Carolina a couple of years ago. Despite years of neglect, the car showed very little rust (a …

Aug 04, 2003
1994 Toyota Celica ST

The Celica ST, like the rest of the sixth-generation Celicas, isn't widely known for its performance potential. That's kind of a shame, as it's a very competent car that has …

Sep 26, 2002
1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S

Our 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S had formerly been part of Toyota Racing Development's fleet and had picked up some neat items along the way, like a fiberglass rear hatch, flashy …

Mar 04, 2002
1988 BMW M3

We have had the hots for these cars since we first tested one as our cover story in the January 1988 issue of GRM (then called Auto-X). With a curb …

Jan 07, 2002
1967 Volvo 122s

We've always liked the tough-yet-nimble Volvo 122s. So we bought and restored one.

Jan 01, 1900
1991 BMW 318is

We supercharged our little 318is and turned it into one sweet little car.

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