Started on Feb. 21 by Typ85

1984 Audi 4000 quattro of dilapidation!

4000 quattro semi built racecar, saved from desruction as Lemons racer… Looooong way to go on build; Cage needs “upgrading” 20v turbo transplant running on E85 planned, 034 EFI, same front end geometry/suspension mods planned as implemented on my coupe, similar treatment to the rear…. etc, etc….

Latest updates
Aug. 07
New pics

2020 pics

April 14
Got a 7A 20V pulled... took 3 guys and 7 hours!

Now I gotta figure out how to get it outta the van and into my …

March 28
Alternate, altenator location!!!

Got’s the turbo setup and moved the alternator to the passenger side, less obstruction in …

March 21
Got my Energy suspension swaybar bushings in!

Front brackets bolt right in (for 22mm bar), had to put a plate behind it …

March 15
Swaybar 'Olicious!!

Got the front drop links together with my super custom brackets, 26mm bar is cleaned …

March 12
Drop linkz!

Ultra custom full race aluminum brackets for my adjustable drop links

March 12
Studs and spline drive nuts

Finally got some studs and spline drive nuts installed

March 04
Finally got the rocker panels and airdam on

Had this stuff for a while… procrastinating working on the wiring!!!

Feb. 20
Pull the trigger on the "shifter of DEATH"!!

Mounted on metal spacers, no more rubber bushings, removed reverse lockout frame…

Feb. 17
Wiring hell!! and sensor hook up!!

Soo… I had to replace a bunch of OEM connectors because they were all broken, …

Feb. 06

Ooooooops!!!! Kinda over did it on the camber mod… I can get a max of …

Feb. 06

What will I do with all these cool azz gauges?!?!?!?

Feb. 06
Tie rods too!!

cleaned up and replaced one side (bent)

Feb. 06
Front struts "done"

Front struts “done” coilover sleeves, bearings, ball joints… etc. knuckle modded for tons ‘o camber …

Jan. 24
Rear is done....

subframe urethane mounts a-arm urethane bushings front and rear 034 diff race mounts new CV …

Dec. 31
Now: 2 piece front struts

pulled some B4 90 2piece struts I also got some CV’s in very good shape, …

Dec. 27
2 piece rear struts

cleaned up, “90” 2 piece struts, replaced bearings, cut off spring perch, converted to DIY …

Dec. 06
The search for 2 piece struts!

The search for 2 piece struts starts now! converting front and rear to 2 piece …

Dec. 06
tons more stuff

over the last 4 months: later style dash and center console, soon to be installed, …

Dec. 06
rear end shizz

pulled rear diff, subframe, axles cleaned/painted refreshed, added urethane sub mounts, hard rubber diffmounts, replaced …

April 18
Fab work

Fabbed up some aluminum door skins and plexi rear windows, finished painting the interior……

April 09

cleaned/pressure washed the whole drivetrain, cleaned, sanded and painted the rollcage and floor, wiring is …

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Jan. 1, 2013, 4:08 p.m.

Looking good! I remember my brother scaring the crap out of me in his 4000 Quattro man years ago... I rode in a swap with the 20 v Nonjuror and it was already far faster. This should really move!

Jan. 24, 2013, 10:26 p.m.

Thanks!! I still have quite a ways to go. I'm slowly working my way from the back to the front of the car; I've focused on the suspension because it's the cheapest part to mod and I have the most experience with it. The front suspension is close to being done as well. I have a bunch of interior stuff to do including wiring. Then the big stuff; the engine and aftermarket EFI...

Jan. 26, 2013, 3:46 p.m.

Hey big fellah. Why'd you skimp on posting all these sweet pics on QW!!! I'm sending Casey after you!

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