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Why are we so disappointed with the new Nissan Z? | 2023 Nissan Z track test

Does the 2023 Nissan Z live up to the hype? Not exactly.

How To Use a Dyno—and Use It Well

Learn from our experience (and mistakes) before you head to the dyno.

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Features: #TBT | A dual-engine Honda CRX and 10 other cool cars hit the dyno

Back in 1997 we put 11 cool cars on the dyno in search of horsepower and truth.

Features: How to make the most of a day at the dyno

An analytical approach to dyno tuning can pay huge dividends.

Shop Work: 18 Dyno Time Tips That Make Each Dollar Count

You can add heaps of trick performance modifications to your car, but without quantitative data there’s no way to know if you’re working toward your goal or simply burning money.

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Father/son bmx “restore” project
FSAE field trip
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