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Questions about fuel? We know where you can find some answers.

Zachary J. Santner, senior specialist of quality at Sunoco, has been answering our fuel questions for years–but here's your chance to have him answer your fuel questions.

Fuel tips: Additives, octane, ethanol and more.

Questions about gas? Skip the message board and hear it from a fuel expert.

Understanding Antioxidants and Fuel Stabilizers | Coming Soon To an Issue Near You

What exactly does that fuel additive consist of, and does it actually improve the gasoline in your tank?

In the November Issue | Fuel Tips

What happens to gasoline as it ages? Find out in the next issue of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.

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News and Notes: Is Avgas a cheap alternative to racing fuel?

Is Avgas really a suitable alternative to race fuel? As Sunoco's Zachary J. Santner notes, there are many factors to consider–some of which can negatively impact you and your car.

News and Notes: Are tired, old fuel injectors robbing performance?

Looking for more speed? When was the last time you checked on your fuel injectors?

Features: What fuels are best for wintertime?

Winter’s here. If your car’s been sitting during the offseason, hopefully you fueled up with the right gas so that it happily fires up when asked.

News and Notes: Does your engine need an upper cylinder lubricant?

We've all seen upper cylinder lubricants in the store, but do they actually deliver on their promises? We ask Zachary J. Santner, senior specialist of quality at Sunoco, to find out.

News and Notes: Is 110-Octane Standard a race fuel easy button?

What you need to know about Sunoco's 110-octane Standard race fuel.

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Do you use a fuel additive? (And if so, which one?)
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