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In the November Issue | Fuel Tips

What happens to gasoline as it ages? Find out in the next issue of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.

Understanding Antioxidants and Fuel Stabilizers | Coming Soon To an Issue Near You

What exactly does that fuel additive consist of, and does it actually improve the gasoline in your tank?

Fuel Tips articles

News and Notes: Fuel Tips: Narrowing Down The Choices

Every time you fuel your car is a choice of providers and blends, street and race gas. How can you choose between them all?

Podcast: Fuel Tips: Ethanol or Not?

We share the details on ethanol and whether or not it adds any benefits.

News and Notes: Fuel Tips: The Science of High Octane Fuel

We briefly discuss the science behind high octane fuels.

News and Notes: Fuel Tips: What is Specific Gravity?

There's more to fuel than the octane rating.

Features: Fuel Tips: More Oxygen for More Power?

The promise almost sounds too good to be true: Get more horsepower just by using a certain type of fuel. What’s in these magic elixirs? Oxygen. A lot of it.

Features: Fuel Tips: Fueling Your Boosted Engine

Time to fill up your force-fed car? Time to discuss some E85 science with Zachary Santner, technical specialist with Sunoco Race Fuels.

Features: Fuel Tips: Narrowing the Fuel Field

So many fuels, so many choices. How to narrow down the field? Zachary Santner, technical specialist with Sunoco Race Fuels, explains the four products that would cover many popular situations.

Features: Fuel Tips: Specific Gravity?

Fuels can vary by so many different properties. The biggies are octane, oxygen, lead content, and something called specific gravity explains Zachary Santner, technical specialist with Sunoco Race Fuels.

Features: Fuel Tips: Adding Additives

Why buy race gas when you can mix up your own high-octane fuel with an additive? Well, not all additives are created equal–and the same can be said for street fuels mixed with said additives.

Features: Fuel Tips: 91 vs. 93

The western half of the country usually only have access to 91-octane fuel, while 93 octane is fairly common in the eastern half. An engine can be tuned to make more power on 93-octane fuel than 91.

Features: Fuel Tips: Why Not Methanol?

Running methanol as a fuel sounds great–even more performance potential at a lower price. But, first, some considerations.

Features: Fuel Tips: What's Really in That Additive?

How do you know what’s really in those fuel additives at every auto parts store?

Shop Work: Fuel Tips: Lawn and Garden Equipment Needs the Proper Fuel, Too

Like our performance cars, the small engines in lawn equipment can have special fuel requirements. A biggie that helps small engine performance: Fuel that is free from moisture.

News and Notes: Fuel Tips: What to Feed a Rotary Engine?

Considering how unique the rotary engine is, we reached out to see which fuel is best for getting the most power and longevity out the engine.

Features: Fuel Tips: What Is Vapor Pressure and Why Should You Care?

Know how stale fuel can leave an engine sluggish or hard to start? Or ever wonder why winter fuel blends can hurt miles-per-gallon numbers? A dive into fuel vapor pressure will explain why.

Features: Fuel Tips: What Happens to Gasoline as It Ages?

Like many things in life, gasoline isn’t forever.

Features: Fuel Tips: Fuels for a Post-Apocalyptic World

It’s the end of the world as we know it. How are you going to power your post-apocalyptic death machine?

Features: Fuel Tips: Winter Fuels for Wintertime

Winter’s here. If your car’s been sitting during the offseason, hopefully you fueled up with the right gas so that it happily fires up when asked.

Features: Fuel Tips: Antioxidants, Fuel Stabilizers, and You

Ever wonder what exactly does that fuel additive consists of, and whether it actually improves the gasoline in your tank or not?

Features: Fuel Tips: Why Top Tier Street Fuels Matter

After all, aren’t all pump fuels the same? Well, no.

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Do you use a fuel additive? (And if so, which one?)

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