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NASA Instructor Benefits program: Earn "Bucks" toward racing vendors

Want to earn some "Bucks" toward Hawk Performance, VP Racing and Summit Racing? Become an instructor for NASA and participate in the NASA Instructor Benefits program.

You Need This: Nissan 350Z ready for SCCA T3 or NASA Spec Z

For less than $20,000, you could have this Nissan 350Z race car set up for SCCA T3 or NASA Spec Z.

Live thread: Join us at the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill

Follow this thread for live updates from the 2023 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Pittsburgh International Race Complex to host 2023 NASA Championships

Get ready Pitt Race, the 2023 NASA Chamiponships is coming your way.

NASA Northeast Region offers HPDE, Time Trials and Club Racing at Watkins Glen

The 2022 NASA Northeast calendar includes HPDE, time trials and club racing at Watkins Glen.

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Features: Paying tribute to when Dodge ruled rally with the SRT-4

Once upon a time Dodge ruled rally with the Neon SRT-4. And now Doug Shepherd, the son of a rally legend with the same name, is looking to continue that legacy.

Features: Red-X: How to turn a pickup into a sporty track "car"

Road racing a pickup truck? Meet Red-X, a radical Chevrolet C1500.

Features: Today's endurance racing series offer lots of laps and racing

The allure of today’s endurance racing resurgence? The ability to team up with some buddies and race something that’s perhaps a little unusual, like a ’70s Alfa Romeo sedan.

Features: This Camaro body hides a powerful stock car chassis

Looks like a 1967 Camaro at speed but–surprise–it’s really a repurposed stock car.

Features: How did today's motorsports scene amass so many event options and offerings?

Heading out on track? Today’s motorsports world offers so many options–some new, some that have been here since the earliest days of the sport.

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Surprise podium finish for our 350Z's competition debut

Our LS-swapped 350Z is fast on paper–lots and lots and lots of paper, as our overfilled notebook has chronicled during a build that’s taken years.

But even …

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