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Join Us at Palm Beach International Raceway Tonight, June 4th

Join us as we compete in the Florida Region SCCA’s Tuesday Night Time Trial Series at Palm Beach International Raceway in our Project Corvette Z06.

Project Car: Our Fox Rocks

We’ve been busy with our 1993 Volkswagen Fox, and producing content about it, too–stuff to read and stuff to watch.

The Truth About Buying a Project Car

Thinking about pulling the trigger on a project? Don't lose sight of just how much time and money is going to be required.

How to Reduce Stress When Reassembling a Project Car

A few simple tips can help keep your sanity intact as you reassemble that pile of parts into an actual car.

In the October Issue | Differential Demon Magic

A differential is far more complex than just some gears that redirect power, especially when talking about a limited-slip differential–and double-especially true when talking about a torque-biasing, gear-driven limited-slip like our Wavetrac unit.

How To Prevent a Total Project Disaster? Proper Planning

When it comes to restorations and projects, a little planning can go a long way to preventing a total disaster. Here is how to makes proper plans, and what to do if everything goes wrong.

Three Modern Innovations That Make Staying Organized Easier Than Ever

We've restored numerous cars over the years, and we've discovered three innovations that make staying organized even easier.

Is Your Project Car Fully Sorted? (It’s Okay, You’re Here With Friends)

What's the difference between a mostly finished project and a fully sorted restoration? It's often a few smaller, easily-overlooked pieces of the puzzle.

That Time We Turned a Saab 99 Into a Rally Car

Not too many moons ago, we wanted to compete in stage rally. Our weapon of choice? A 1977 Saab 99.

Have You Seen Our Elva Sports Racer Yet? | Lots of Fabrication Talk

So far, we’ve covered how to repair fiberglass, how to mount a fiberglass body to a frame, and how to prepare parts for media blasting and powder coating.

Project Cars articles

Columns: Obsession: The New Normal?

Have you ever purchased the next project car before you finished the one you were working on?

Features: Looking Back on 15 Years of Project Cars in 1999

Back in 1999 we had 15 project cars under our belt and a hopeful outlook to the future.

Columns: Column: Don't Let That Project Sit

This is not going to be another one of those “in these times…” musings, but we do need to talk about how many of us handled productivity and how we kept projects going through this ongoing interruption.

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