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Fixing up the Little Things on Our Rabbit GTI

Sometimes, fixing little things can be just as enjoyable as tackling the big stuff. That's why we focused on a few smaller items on our Callaway-turbocharged 1984 VW Rabbit GTI.

After Getting a New Project, Is Detailing an Important First Step?

One of the best first steps to take after you acquire a new project is to detail it.

Understanding Bosch CIS Fuel Injection

If you have worked with older European cars, then you have likely encountered a Bosch CIS injection like the one on our Callaway turbocharged VW Rabbit GTI.

Your Projects: Is a Diesel VW Rabbit Pickup Less Boring Than a Mazda3?

According to forum user white_aversion, a diesel VW Pickup can be described as the following: It was awesome. And not fast.

Someone buy this VR6-powered VW Rabbit before we do

Not only is this VR6-powered Rabbit a 24 Hours of Lemons competitor, but it’s also street legal–and it's for sale.

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