Sep 5, 2001 update to the Porsche 914 project car

Zambezi Green Glory

Our little 914 at Bodywerks. Notice the primer that has been followed by a light guide coat. This lets the bodyman know where more attention is needed.
We used an engine hoist and several braces to safely suspend the 914 at an angle. A good portion of the shell's weight is on the jacking points and stronger portions of the rocker panel.

We have been sanding and cleaning, sanding and cleaning and we have finally reached the point where we can start painting our 914 2.0 project car back to its original Zambezi Green glory.

At this point we have the front and rear trunks done, including the area under the front lid where the gas tank sits. The engine compartment is nearly ready for paint. Next comes the tedious task of flipping the car back up on its side and finishing the chassis.

The process sound easier than it is. First, we clean all dirt, wax and tar off with Prep Sol cleaner. Next, we scuff everything with fine scuff pads (about 320 grit). Then we sand out any bigger nicks with 220 grit sand paper. The places where we go to 220 grit, we generally see bare metal again. Our original steel repairs were covered in DP 40 rust inhibiting primer mixed with DP 402 LF activator/hardener. If an area of bare metal is large enough, another coat of DP40 is sprayed on. If not, we are using a fantastic high filling urethane called Omni Au MP182. This stuff does a miraculous job of hiding any small scratch marks and can be painted over in half an hour with no additional sanding. Any deep gouges are filled with Evercoat Polyester glazing putty.

As for paint, we using PPG Concept urethane #2582 SC in the original Zambezi Green. We are mixing it per instructions with DT 870 mid-temp reducer and DCX 61 high-solids hardener. This is excellent high-end paint (not cheap) that has proven very easy to use. It covers great and doesn’t run at all. For the exterior of the car we will go to a base coat/clear coat finish, but couldn’t justify this for the trunks and chassis.

With the underside of Project 914 painted over the Labor Day weekend, both of the Porsche’s trunks, the gas tank compartment, the engine bay and the entire underneath of the car were painted at GRM world headquarters (Tim’s garage). Now, the shell is at The BodyWerks for final painting and buffing.

With the many time restraints that we are under (Fall is championship event season) and the desire for a truly concours quality paint job on our Project 914, the decision was made to turn the car over to the pros at The BodyWerks. They have the proper expertise, spray booth and the equipment to obtain first class results.

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Toebra HalfDork
4/1/18 1:24 a.m.

Like zambezi green, almost as much as viper green

LanEvo HalfDork
4/1/18 7:36 a.m.

All Porsches should be in wacky colors. I get so mad when I see Porsche drivers around here in their 50 shades of gray/silver. They literally offer 4-5 shades of baby blue alone, and you chose ... black? Seriously?

mazdeuce - Seth
mazdeuce - Seth Mod Squad
4/1/18 8:15 a.m.

I still think about this car when I'm starting a project. In one of the articles Tim talks about the hours that he and Marjorie are putting in on the car, something like 10-20 hours a week to get it done over the course of a year. Time said, and I'll paraphrase here, "If you don't have the time to put it back together, please don't take it apart." I always consider that while drinking coffee and staring at a new project. 

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