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Tonight on GRM LIVE!: The Sound of Engines with Matthew Setzer

We'll analyze what makes some engines sounds so great and others so mediocre.

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SCCA's Next Track Night at Daytona on August 1st!

The wildly popular Track Night in America returns to Daytona.

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Last C7 Corvette Sells for $2.7 Million

$2.7 million dollars paid for a Corvette. Not a race car, not a prototype, not even the one that Mark Hamill drove.

Lee Iacocca Dead at Age 94

From the Mustang to the minivan, Lee Iacocca changed the auto industry.

Tonight on GRM LIVE!: Gray Frederick From AFD Talks E85

E85 is an easy way to increase horsepower, and Advanced Fuel Dynamics claims to make it even easier with a plug-and-play kit for the C5 Corvette.

We Sit Down With the Head of Hyundai/Kia's R&D, Albert Biermann

We discussed his memories of the 'Ring, the future of Hyundai performance and motorsports, and a few other things.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Us A Match! GRM Launches Forum for Pairing People With Cars and Cars With People

It's like Farmers Only, but with brake dust. Maybe the occasional farmer.

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