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What size wheels and tires for your Mazda RX-8? | Apex Race Parts guide

Not sure what size wheel and tire to fit on your RX-8 (or Volkswagen or Ford or Honda or something else)? Apex Race Parts has a guide for you.

How do you like your classic split-spoke wheels?

What flavor of split-spoke wheel do you prefer? Parallel spokes? Three-piece construction? What about lip style?

David S. Wallens
What aftermarket parts improve the looks of any car?

Is there a single widget that makes any car look cooler, faster or meaner?

Colin Wood
wheels , GRM+ , Aftermarket Wheels
How to pick the right aftermarket wheel | Read now with GRM+

Not sure which aftermarket wheel is best for your application? We have a guide for that.

Colin Wood
tires , wheels , Mounting
How much do you pay to get tires mounted?

Regardless of where it's done, how much do you spend to get tires mounted?

David S. Wallens
wheels , panasport , Minilite , Watanabe
Favorite old-school, eight-spoke wheel–Minilite, Panasport, Watanabe or something else?

When it comes to old-school, eight-spoke wheels, what’s your preference? Something traditional, or a faithful reproduction?

David S. Wallens
wheels , Apex Wheels
Apex Wheels: Lightweight and Currently on Sale

Apex is currently having group buy deals for its new SM-10 wheel.

David S. Wallens
wheels , Guide
In the October Issue | Wheel Buyer's Guide

Bored of your wheels? Time for something newer? Or something not so beat?

David S. Wallens
wheels , König
In the October Issue | Wheels do Wear

To quote James Clay, pro racer and president of BMW tuning house BimmerWorld: “Every piece of metal in this world has a fatigue life.” And that extends to the wheels …

David S. Wallens
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