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Here’s your chance to influence the future of SCCA Solo programs

The SCCA would like your assistance in determining the long-term direction of its autocross programs–all you have to do is take a quick survey.

All the events you can see us at this year

You asked, and we listened: Here's a full list of events you can find the Grassroots Motorsports and Classic Motorsports crews at this year.

File under FOMO: I hate missing events

Few things are worse than having to skip an event because of a sickness.

Orlando news showcases Miatas, autocross and really big balls

A local Orlando autocrosser–and his Miata–got airtime on a recent news segment.

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Data & Communication: How to decipher on-track data

Here's how to actually turn all those squiggles on the screen into more speed on the track.

Columns: Motorsports is a mental game, too

Sure, having the fastest car on track helps, but our hobby is often much more cerebral than we give it credit for.

Columns: What’s the most important worker position at an autocross?

Is there any one job that is more important than the rest at an autocross?

Columns: How I rediscovered a love of autocross by putting down the camera

Normally, you can find Chris, our video editor, shooting cars on track from behind a camera. This time, he left the camera behind so he could be the one on track.

Buyer's Guides: How to make a Mazda MX-5 Miata ND competitive in C Street

Brian Goodwin, of Good-Win Racing, offers several ways to find additional speed out of the ND-chassis Mazda MX-5 Miata.

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Autocross project car updates

What about simply autocrossing for fun?

No car prep rules, no class designations, no protest forms. That’s what we found when autocrossing our VW Golf GTI this past weekend with the Florida Citrus Region

Our Mk7 GTI again proves to be an ideal dual-duty car

After a flawless outing for its first autocross event last year, we took our Mk7 GTI back out, this time for a Martin Sports Car Club event at the …

Do you love your local autocross site?

Photography Credit: Dave Green

We’re a bit spoiled: The kart track inside Daytona International Speedway serves as our local autocross site. Clean, permanent bathrooms with actual flush toilets sit adjacent …

See you at Daytona this weekend?

This weekend, September 21-23, the SCCA rolls into Daytona International Speedway–our home track–with a full slate of activities: road racing and TNiA on the 24-hour course with …

What can our GTI daily also do? Win at autocross.

Can one car really do it all? That’s the question we keep asking of our Mk7 GTI, and it keeps answering “Yes.”

That answer came yet again …

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1994 Ford Probe (Turbocharged)
1998 BMW 323is Coupe 5-speed mine FL
Getting back into motorsports; making my daily FR-S dual-purpose
Along came a Spyder: Diving into SCCA E/Street
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Autocross Readers' Rides

Jan 06, 2023 by 78CobraII
2007 None Honda Civic Dx Sedan

Only mods that don't get me kicked out of SCCA H Stock... Larger rear sway bar. Low restriction air cleaner. +1 Tires and wheels.

Dec 26, 2023 by KentF
2002 Ford Mustang Coupe named Mistress

Mistress is a 2002 Mustang Autocrosser: Supercharged 4.2 ltr Stroker (from a 3.8 ltr V6) with all forged internals. Camshaft by CompCam. Stage 3 Heads/Intakes modified for LS Severe Duty …

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