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Reader's Ride of the Week: V8 Jag

It’s a long-wheelbase 1974 Jaguar XJ6 fitted with a 350-cubic-inch Chevy V8.

50 Years of IMSA: Now Showing Vintage Races!

To celebrate their 50th anniversary season, IMSA is uploading vintage races to their YouTube channel!

Jaguar Land Rover To Switch To All-Electric Lineup by 2030

The next F-Type you buy just might be electric.

Jaguar articles

Shop Work: Soccer Moms' Revenge

Compared against the supercars of years past, even the most mundane vehicles of today--like the much-maligned minivan--offer surprising performance.

Columns: Turn One: "Amazing Drives"

I like my vodka unflavored, my “Star Wars” without Jar Jar, and my mouse with only one button.

Buyer's Guides: Vintage Views: Jaguar XJS

Jaguar's E-Type was a tough act to follow, so it's no surprise its replacement, the XJS, is often overlooked.

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Jaguar Readers' Rides

Oct 08, 2010 by wetpossum
1966 Jaguar "E" Type

1966 "E" Type. Lots of work done, even more to go.

Oct 18, 2011 by Group44
1981 Jaguar XJS

Group 44 Inc BoB Tullius 1981 Jaguar XJS Sillouette Trans Am Race Car Chassis XJR-4 (only 1 built) 1st Tube Frame Purpose built race car by Group 44 Commisioned by …

Oct 08, 2010 by Group44XJS
Jaguar XJS

Group 44 Inc. BoB Tullius 1981 Jaguar XJS Sillouette Trans Am Race Car Chassis XJR-4 (only 1 chassis built) 1st Purpose Built Tube Frame Race Car by Group 44 Inc. …

Jun 24, 2010 by mdawley
Jaguar E-Type Coupe

Triple carb 4.2 toggle switch car that is only missing glass over the headlights to be the dream car of my distant youth. Soon to be be in service as …

Jan 22, 2011 by jbrownback
Jaguar E type

1963 Coupe

Feb 03, 2011 by raymead
1970 Jaguar 1970 E-type coupe

Just finished a major restoration - COMPLETE engine rebuild, rebuild of the entire front end, etc..... Always wanted one, so......

Feb 03, 2011 by Ginger
1971 Jaguar E-Type

Regency Red 2+2

Jan 22, 2011 by Ginger
1966 Jaguar E-Type

Golden Sand

Jul 18, 2011 by Docc
1953 Jaguar XK120SE

Ex-SCCA racer most of it's life. Retired from racing in late 60s. I bought it in 1973..single aluminum bucket, roll bar, metal dash..set up with hung heel'n'toe pedals. Completed total …

Jul 17, 2009 by 6jags
1957 Jaguar XK140 MC Drophead

This is one of the later XK-140's. It was well used but still in running condition when I restored it in 2000.

Jan 22, 2011 by 6jags
1969 Jaguar XKE OTS Series 2

This is an original, unrestored e-Type. I purchased it in 1973 in Denver. It competed in club racing events in the late 70's. The engine has been tweaked, but everything …

Jul 16, 2009 by Silberpfeil
1967 Jaguar Series 1 E-Type

1967 Series 1 E-Type

Jun 12, 2012 by chknhwk
2004 Jaguar X-Type

My new daily driver! Plans: -17x8 or 8.5" wheels INSTALLED -245-40 Toyos INSTALLED -Remus catback -Grill inserts -Rotrex supercharger Anybody know a good Jag tuner? =D

Aug 11, 2011 by mdawley
1967 Jaguar XKE Coupe

Triple carb / toggle switch but no glass covered headlights....but I'm not complaining! Bosch alternator, Pertronix spark, transistor fuel pump, Benz cooling fan etc. - just a driver. Wonder if …

Jul 16, 2009 by sshbsn
1985 Jaguar XJS

Black w/ tan

Feb 26, 2010 by ronbros
1978 Jaguar XJS Roadster

a street cruiser, V12 modded, 400hp, brake upgrades, suspensin upgrades, the only(to my know) 78 roadster in the US. snap on tarp, no roof.= fun factor. Right hand drive,more fun!

Feb 03, 2011 by Saul Klein
1969 Jaguar E-Type XKE 2+2

1969 E-Type 2+2 Warwick Grey

Jul 14, 2012 by rsmad69
1980 Jaguar XJS 5.3 V12 MK1

Well since this photo was put on here, ive been hard at work on the old Jag, fully restored her and upgraded suspension, brakes and performance oh yeah and shes …

Jul 16, 2009 by Rick
1978 Jaguar XJ-S

Working on getting the car running. The body and interior are in good shape. The car ran when parked.

Aug 26, 2011 by ronbros
1978 Jaguar XJS Roadster

A custom XJS roadster, RHD,V12 modded,400hp, a liteweight at 3360lbs, brake and suspension upgrades, Enki wheels 18", fast and good handling. the only RHD 78 JAGUAR Roadster in the US! …

Jul 16, 2009 by jberry20
2004 Jaguar S Type


Apr 26, 2011 by Docc
1953 Jaguar XK120SE

Converted to SBC in 1957..and raced until 1969 or so. SCCA C/M after modified. I bought this in 1973..Roll hoop..Alum bucket..gutted interior. Complete mechanical renew again in 2006. Fresh 350 …

Dec 17, 2009 by Colin
1969 Jaguar XKE Series 11 DHC

Red convertable, my weekend ride.

Oct 08, 2010 by Colin
1969 Jaguar XKE 2+2

EKE 2+2 have owned since 1976 in the US. Converted to right hand drive and lives in Australia. Now my ride when I go home to Australia on vacation.

Jul 31, 2009 by Colin
1983 Jaguar XJS

Only 111,000 miles I am the second owner

Apr 01, 2011 by Basil Exposition
1961 Jaguar E-Type

1961 Jaguar E-Type

Nov 10, 2009 by MikeMcCann
1976 Jaguar XJ12L

A Beautiful Ride

Apr 09, 2011 by ronbros
1978 Jaguar XJS roadster

Jaguar roadster conversion from coupe, RHD

Feb 24, 2011 by 66etype
1966 Jaguar Series 1 Etype

Full race 385HP SCCA HSR vintage.

May 08, 2016 by Schmidlap
2001 Jaguar XJR

Fairly quick, ridiculously comfortable, and surprisingly reliable.

Nov 03, 2010 by BUCKSHOT1
1971 Jaguar XK-E


Feb 22, 2011 by Tetzuoe
1979 Jaguar XJS

Bought it for 500 bucks to run on the BABE rally, this sweet street machine features no floors, load bearing rust, and the jewel of v8s, the Chevy 305. I …

May 22, 2010 by rps2
1970 Jaguar Series II E-Type OTS

"Petula" is the first leaky British car I've owned in a long time. About 110K miles on the clock, original engine, gearbox, clutch, rear end. Only upgrades so far are …

Nov 18, 2009 by rps2
1967 Jaguar 340

"Basil" is the second leaky British car I own. Our nefarious leader Tim is partially responsible for him...I went to the Goodwood festival with the gang two years ago, drove …

Jan 03, 2010 by racerwolfrx7
1963 Jaguar XKE Coupe 3.8 liter

Have owned since Feb 1970

Jan 31, 2017 by wetpossum
1966 Jaguar E-Type


Feb 01, 2010 by jimmyjoe
1948 Jaguar 3.5L sedan

Reserected from the barn and brought back to life

Feb 01, 2010 by jimmyjoe
1964 Jaguar e type coupe

found in disco era cloth, removed all old stuff shag, shaved, etchings and brought back to concours

Mar 03, 2010 by Roger
1968 Jaguar E Type Roadster

4.2 50% progress on restoraction. Beautiful car.

Mar 05, 2010 by jagasm
1982 Jaguar XJ-6 Series III

Stripped, Apart, waiting for Paint. This is the Year!

May 07, 2010 by 876753
1962 Jaguar E-Type

1753rd one made out of 70,000+ total from 1961-1975, on Feb. 21, 1962... Has all the good stuff: 3.8 liter, Covered headlights, 3 SU's, and runs as good as it …

Mar 28, 2010 by brads
1973 Jaguar XKE V-12 Roadster


May 20, 2010 by John Gillespie
1999 Jaguar XkR

Almost perfect silver early XKR. Retired from daily driver. Now weekend beach cruiser.

Jun 07, 2010 by ronbros
1975 Jaguar V12 engine

pic of recon. V12 Jag engine, all aluminum block and head. pic of car it went into, 1975 XJ12C,coupe, 4spd. manual trans.

Aug 23, 2010 by ronbros
1975 Jaguar V12 engine

pic of recon. V12 Jag engine, all aluminum block and head. pic of car it went into, 1975 XJ12C,coupe, 4spd. manual trans.

Aug 06, 2010 by ronbros
1975 Jaguar XJ12C,coupe

1975 Jaguar XJ12C coupe, 4speed manual transmission, LSD. new recon engine 2001, V12

Feb 25, 2012 by ronbros
1975 Jaguar XJ12C,coupe

V12 cyl. 4 speed manual trans. pic if recon V12 engine, 2001.

Mar 31, 2011 by Brian Blackwell
1971 Jaguar E Type FHC

VIN 2R28332 - one of last 400 Series II E Types made. Car has been modified to triple carburetors, headers, alternator, aluminum radiator, modern air conditioning and sound system.

Oct 08, 2010 by fastguy1955
1968 Jaguar Etype 2+2

Undergoing a "rolling resto"

Jul 09, 2010 by triggerfish
1954 Jaguar XK 120 M Drop Head Coupe

'54 XK 120 M, DHC. Purchased by my mother in 1960 from a Dr. in Princeton NJ. My dad drove it for many years & it ultimately came to my …

Jul 13, 2010 by JohnyHachi6
1984 Jaguar XJ6

1st Project Cars - Long Since Gone

Jul 13, 2010 by JohnyHachi6
1984 Jaguar XJ6

1st Project Cars - Long Since Gone

May 08, 2015 by Matt Grimes
1990 Jaguar XJ-S

This is my second Jaguar, an XJ-S Convertible. I have been bringing it back into shape and enjoy working on the V12 engine. One of my winter projects will be …

Aug 04, 2010 by Concours Cars
1967 Jaguar 2X E Type's

Here are two Primrose Yellow E types that we restored with a month a each other. Cars come in waves.

Sep 28, 2011 by Art
1983 Jaguar XJS GT

A once street driver, owned by me since 1989... it now goes to events usually on an enclosed trailer.. PS the race tyres would never last. Two times has been …

Sep 17, 2010 by knojag
2009 Jaguar Different

A photo of the Zoo. The track car is the gold '87 with the primer colored wheel flairs. The building is my shop, which I'm told is exactly the size …

Feb 01, 2011 by knojag
1987 Jaguar XJS Track Day Car

Bought in October 2005 as a parts car for my street XJS. A couple of friends began to run track days in 2007 and I decided to join them. Click …

Dec 13, 2010 by jagman12
1994 Jaguar XJS V12

BRG convertible

Jan 12, 2011 by 46er
1970 Jaguar E-Type

Original condition.

Sep 12, 2011 by andy303
1969 Jaguar XKE Series 2 2+2

Four speed, A/C, rare factory chromed steel wheels. Unrestored except for paint. The 2+2 is the "affordable" E-type. Since it is often maligned by E-type purists and is less sought …

Feb 07, 2011 by mattmott
1970 Jaguar E-Type

It's my daily driver and I love it.

Mar 10, 2011 by ANTON
2011 Jaguar E-type

Apr 06, 2011 by dennyjohnson
2004 Jaguar xj vanden plas

White/White with options I'm still finding

May 06, 2011 by Jaguar69
1969 Jaguar E Type

1969 E type Fixed Head Coupe

Jun 03, 2011 by KRBos54
2009 Jaguar XF

Premium Luxury Lunar Gray

Aug 24, 2011 by rmarkc
1982 Jaguar XJS HE

350 / 700R4

Jun 20, 2011 by oldmanjag
2004 Jaguar S-Type R

All stock, but that's just about good enough

Jul 18, 2011 by XK120
1953 Jaguar XK120 OTS

1953 Jaguar XK120 OTS

Aug 01, 2011 by ffhillclimber
2005 Jaguar S-Type R

400 HP supercharged 4.2 L V8, Jaguar Racing Green, CAT Bilstein adaptive suspension

Jul 28, 2011 by bgjacobs
1971 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

British Racing Green Soft top

Sep 02, 2011 by jamessalvatore
1994 Jaguar XJS


Oct 22, 2011 by DougDW
1958 Jaguar XK150

3.4 L Coupe - Pearl Gray with Navy interior. Just finishing a restoration project ( was a completely dissassembled ) car when I purchased it.

Dec 08, 2011 by calvindoesntknow
1987 Jaguar XJS

87 xjs found apart, converted to five speed manual, all done by me

Dec 27, 2011 by ronbros9
1978 Jaguar xjs roadster V12

a low mile XJS roadster ,hi-po V12. converted to cabrieolet by Aston martin ,England ,around 1980.conv. to roadster in Holly hill fl., 1994. RHD, 22,500 miles, YUP from England, KENT …

Jan 19, 2012 by dhenry6188
1967 Jaguar 420

This was my Dads car I worked with him for 28 years in the auto restoration and repair shop this was the last car he restored his passed away 10/04/11

Feb 01, 2012 by baz
1987 Jaguar xj-s


Feb 01, 2012 by baz
1987 Jaguar xj-s


Feb 06, 2012 by watchdog54
1967 Jaguar XKE, coupe

1967 Primrose Yellow Coupe

Mar 31, 2012 by gt40forsnow
1986 Jaguar XJ-S

Jademist green, buscuit int

Mar 31, 2012 by gt40forsnow
1987 Jaguar XJ 12 Sovereign

black, tan int

Apr 14, 2012 by rmummery
1950 Jaguar XK120

Vintage Racer

Apr 16, 2012 by marshalsw007
2007 Jaguar XK

4.2 lire

May 29, 2012 by jp498
1969 Jaguar XKE OTS

with realms engineering replica d-type wheels.

Jan 15, 2016 by mfennell
2000 Jaguar XJR


Jul 02, 2012 by whatsthis
1957 Jaguar XK140 DHC

white , very nice

Sep 24, 2012 by MarkV
1967 Jaguar e-type

Just completed

Jan 05, 2013 by artjag
1983 Jaguar XJS GT Cpe.

We bought this car when it was still a daily stock broker type car... since then it has been pepped up a bit and has been on the JCNA Slalom …

Mar 31, 2013 by danielmms
1952 Jaguar XK120 roadster

Black, black top, red & biscuit interior

Mar 31, 2013 by danielmms
1952 Jaguar XK120 roadster

Black, black top, red &biscuit interior

Apr 06, 2013 by danielmms
1952 Jaguar XK120 roadster

Early '52 model. Black, black top, red & biscuit interior. Disc wheels with spats. Also have fiberglass hardtop for it. Restored by me, owned since '82.

Apr 13, 2013 by impster
1976 Jaguar XJ6C

A 44K mile car that will receive a superficial restoration along with a more modern Jaguar drivetrain (XJ40 engine most likely) in the near future.

Aug 20, 2013 by alangj
1963 Jaguar xke

Yellow Coupe

Sep 30, 2013 by vinpieapicella
1950 Jaguar XK120 OTS

Heritage Certificate. All Numbers Match. Owner for 30 years. Restored 10/1989. 49,000 miles. Original tools; grease gun; jack; spat unlock "T" tool

Nov 28, 2013 by tvr5000s
1973 Jaguar XJ12 S1

Early V12 car

Jan 20, 2014 by 6jags
2013 Jaguar Xjl supercharged

nimbus grey. Faster than hell!

Feb 19, 2014 by datsun_nut
1962 Jaguar Mark 10 Automatic

2 previous owners, 70,000 documented miles. Complete but rough; my next project. Looking to get something to drive, not concours.

Apr 01, 2014 by Firebelly
1985 Jaguar XJ6 4.2

Project heap

May 11, 2014 by xthrasherx
1976 Jaguar XJS

Project car that has been sitting for a while. With little in the way of budget, but lots of creativity, I'm hoping to build a fun v12 powered GT car.

Nov 19, 2014 by Waterboy
1970 Jaguar Xke


Feb 11, 2015 by BeardedMuffin
2003 Jaguar X-Type

2.5L AWD 5-Speed Auto

Dec 14, 2014 by rosswlovell
1934 Jaguar SS1 Tourer SWB

1934 SS1 Tourer, one of the last year of models that came equipped with a six-cylinder flathead power-plant that came from Standard Motor Cars. Standard supplied engines and chassis to …

Mar 05, 2015 by tonyg030652
2003 Jaguar XK8

Coupe in wonderful (and I don't mean just for a Jaguar) condition.

Apr 06, 2015 by dtkennedy930
1962 Jaguar E-Type FHC

Silver Fixed Head Coupe. 3.8L, Moss 4 speed.

Apr 09, 2015 by thisoldcamaro
1989 Jaguar xjs coupe

new suspension, new interior and 95 Lt1 and 4l60E, much better car to deal with now.

Apr 27, 2015 by rpc
2015 Jaguar F- type R

el shaguar

Apr 30, 2017 by chknhwk
2011 Jaguar XF Portfolio

Absolutely in love with this car but family issues are forcing us to part ways. Five liter V8, 11.5:1 compression equal 385hp and 380ft/lb of torque. This thing is a …

Jul 09, 2015 by ronbros9
1978 Jaguar XJS roadster V12

modified xjs , much to list

Mar 05, 2016 by oilstain
2006 Jaguar XJ SuperV8

All the insides of a Vanden-Plas (English parlor on wheels: 4400 lbs of leather and wood), all the engine of an XJR (4.2 V8 Supercharged: 400hp, 415tq, supposedly)

Jul 07, 2017 by Lugnut
1998 Jaguar XJR

British racing green

Dec 06, 2016 by mkiisupra
1974 Jaguar XJ6L 350 Chevy Conversion

Long wheelbase XJ6 with 1975 350 Chevrolet truck 4bbl motor, auto trans. Purchased from former student, now working on finishing interior refresh, suspension replacements, and tuneup for minor daily driver …

Sep 30, 2016 by kulddy
2000 Jaguar XKR, BRG, Tan Drophead

Mina exhaust, Pilot Super Sports 20" X 9"F 265-30-20, 20" X 11" R 305-25-20.

Dec 04, 2016 by cdowd (Forum Supporter)
1953 Jaguar XK-120 OTS

neat old car bought and painted in the late 80s

Jan 26, 2017 by m4ff3w
2001 Jaguar XJR

timing chain tensioners let go.

Nov 28, 2017 by yupididit
2000 Jaguar XJR

Feb 18, 2020 by chknhwk
2004 Jaguar X-Type

The SVT Contour needed more work than I had time or skill. The Portfolio XF needed $10k in engine work more than I had. This, however, this is perfect. 2004 …

Jun 30, 2017 by volvoclearinghouse
1966 Jaguar 3.8S

99,909 miles when bought, about 10 more since then. Performed minor cosmetic refresh, cleaned up, mechanically sorted, now making short drives around the neighborhood to test the resolve of 50+ …

Oct 27, 2017 by Argo1
2002 Jaguar XK8 Coupe

Because Jaguar. I always wanted one of these. I think the coupes are just stunning.

Sep 18, 2017 by garethashenden
2004 Jaguar XJR

Grace, Space, Pace

Nov 27, 2017 by bondracer7
1965 Jaguar 3.8 S-Type

4 Door saloon, 3.8 with 4 speed and overdrive.

Jan 19, 2018 by Motage
1967 Jaguar E type

Highly modified

Aug 16, 2019 by nderwater
2010 Jaguar XK Coupe

My first grand touring car.

Mar 09, 2018 by mdawley
1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible

Sat for 8+ years due to electrical issues; bought for $700. Recommissioned and now has had 1000 trouble free miles added for a total of 99K miles.

Mar 27, 2018 by mdawley
1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible

Sat for 8+ years due to electrical issues; bought for $700. Recommissioned and now has had 1000 trouble free miles added for a total of 99K miles.

Dec 12, 2018 by CJ (FS)
1952 Jaguar XK120 FHC

Bought while I was in college. Stripped it down to nothing and ran out of cash, time, and place to work. Still sitting in storage after 42 years.

Dec 15, 2018 by Coventrywood
1975 Jaguar XJ12C

Non-running project. Not a "3 foot car" but maybe a "30 foot car"? Worn-looking but completely intact, except rear badging. Has original 1975 "'opeless" ignition & electronic fuel injection, with …

Jul 03, 2020 by HundredDollarCar
1967 Jaguar 420

Intact, Complete, Waiting

Mar 31, 2019 by KyAllroad (Jeremy) (Forum Supporter)
2002 Jaguar X-Type

Unicorn Jag, 3.0 5-speed. Black and beautiful.

Aug 07, 2019 by ozzie831
2000 None X308 XJR

My daily

Sep 06, 2019 by Mhumphries
1967 None Jaguar E type Series 1 OTS

Third owner for last 30 years. This car has done many multi day rallies and averages over 2000 miles / year. I have modified the most unreliable parts like cooling …

Sep 16, 2019 by mattmacklind
2003 None XK8

XK8 Convertible.

Apr 11, 2021 by aggie76
2002 None XK8

All stock, nicely maintained with 130k miles

Aug 24, 2020 by glueguy (Forum Supporter)
2000 None XK8

ex-PimpM3, twice rebuilt title, it's a Jaaaag

Oct 08, 2020 by garethashenden
1987 None XJ-S

$100 project car

Feb 04, 2021 by iansane
2003 None S-Type R

Supercharged. V8. Manual trans. What else is there?

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