Does racing history make a car more or less valuable?

Does racing history always equal more value? Or is there more to the equation than simply time on track?

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Revealing what all champions have in common

What do Jay Leno, John Morton, Randy Pobst and David Hobbs all have in common? Hint: It's more than just being in the top spot.

The lessons we learned while sorting a new race car

As it turns out, extreme solutions–like fitting a Camaro V6 into an NA Miata–can actually lead to some difficulties.

Tracks visited once but sadly never again

Ever drive a circuit that you may never get the chance to visit a second time?

Caring for yourself as much as your project car

Like us, you probably put a lot of hours into the well-being of your car, but what about your own well-being?

The origins of the $2000 Challenge

How did the $2000 Challenge come to fruition? It all started nearly 25 years ago, one night after a day of racing at Road Atlanta–and a few beers.

This community is the best in the world

The biggest lesson we learned after our MR2 caught fire? This motorsport community is the best in the world.

Is motorsports just a shrewd high stakes game of variables?

This wild hobby of ours often has us skirting on the edge of disaster. It's a miracle, really, that we're able to finish a single lap.

Why it's worth celebrating a ninth place finish

There aren’t many opportunities to celebrate ninth-place trophies.

A ghost track you’ve never heard of: Palm Coast International

Imagine a tropical paradise where you could sort out new builds, heat-cycle tires, or even do a magazine feature or two for free. That place was Palm Coast International.

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