This IMSA GTO homage brings back the flamethrower

Rainer Bonetsmüller couldn’t buy one of the famed Audi IMSA racers, so he built his own.

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MIG vs. TIG fundamentals: What you need to know

The ability to fuse pieces of bare metal opens up a whole new world of fabricating possibilities. There’s more than one way to weld, however. To TIG or to MIG?

How to renovate an old mill

We bought this old Bridgeport mill. Now to make it operational in our home shop.

An Oldsmobile Achieva is one of the most exclusive cars we've owned?

The GRM staff knows rad-era cars, as we’ve been driving them since they were new–like the Oldsmobile Achieva SCX W41 C41.

How to run the 24 Hours of Lemons with as little effort as possible

This is how we competed in the 24 Hours of Lemons with next to no effort or time invested.

Mopar racers: Are they just built different?

What possesses someone to track a bone-stock Chrysler PT Cruiser. Or a Dodge Durango. Or a vintage Dodge Challenger. Are Mopar people just different?

#TBT | A dual-engine Honda CRX and 10 other cool cars hit the dyno

Back in 1997 we put 11 cool cars on the dyno in search of horsepower and truth.

Unlock time trials success: The data and strategies you need

Welcome to the ever-growing world of time trials, where it’s just you, your car, your favorite track and the stopwatch.

Does a manual make the Toyota GR Supra a better sports car?

We put the new six-speed manual Toyota GR Supra on track to find out if rowing your own gears really makes the Supra a better car.

8 tips for welding like a pro

Good welding isn’t magic; it’s really just a matter of discipline and practice. We’ve found that by teaching some pretty simple techniques, bad and ugly welds quickly turn into good …

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