Mazda , Miata , MX-5
Which limited-edition Mazda Miata is your favorite?

Mazda made numerous special versions of the Miata over its lifetime. Which is your favorite?

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Mazda , Miata , MX-5 , Offroad , Miata Is Always The Answer
Trail-tackling Off-Roadster | Your Cars

Have some rocky off-road trails between Points A and B? Here's proof that Miata is still the answer.

Mazda , Miata , electric , MX-5
Next generation Miata likely to be electrified

Mazda confirmed that it is working towards some sort of electrified Miata–be it a hybrid or all-electric.

$2000 Challenge , Mazda , Miata , MX-5
A Miata Named Olaf | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Half the challenge with this Miata was just getting it during a pandemic.

Mazda , Miata , MX-5 , Bring a Trailer
In a Year, What Will the Market Pay for a Clean Sunburst Yellow Miata?

This Sunburst Yellow Miata may have sold for over $12,000, but what will it be worth in a year's time?

Mazda , MX-5 , MX-5 Cup
Watch the 2021 Mazda MX-5 Cup Season on and NBCSN

How and where you can watch this year's MX-5 Cup.

Miata , MX-5 , flyin miata
Flyin' Miata Becomes an Employee-Owned Co-Op

In a world of smaller companies getting bought up by large conglomerates, it’s refreshing to see at least one of the smaller brands in our world forging its own path.

Mazda , Miata , MX-5
Mazda to Give Away 50 of Its 100th Anniversary Miatas

To honor those who have gone "above and beyond to support others without expecting anything in return," Mazda will be giving away 50 100th Anniversary Special Edition Miatas.

Mazda , Miata , MX-5
In the November Issue | Building a Do-It-All Miata

Optimize the latest MX-5 for Track and Autocross - All While Keeping Its Street Manners. Read the full story in the next issue of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.

Mazda , MX-5 , Rate It , Superlight
Rate It: Factory-Built Mazda MX-5 Speedster

Stripping out the interior of your car to make it lighter isn't necessarily a new concept, but Mazda wanted to see just how far they could push that envelope with …

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