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electrical , Restoration , electrical problems
How to easily diagnose common automotive electrical problems

Have some spark outside of your engine block? Here's how to fix that.

GRM+ | DIY | Wiring | Restoration | Project car
How to wire a car from scratch

Wiring a car from scratch doesn’t have to be a daunting project.

Carl Heideman
Restoration | Engine Rebuild | Shop Work | engine
10 tips that will make your engine rebuild a success

Rebuilding an engine? Here are 10 tips to ensure it all goes right.

Robert Bowen
electrical | Restoration | electrical problems | Shop Work | GRM+
How to solve common electrical issues with only a test light

In building the Miata-powered MGB GT pictured, we mated the MG’s wiring harness to the Miata’s engine-management loom using nothing more than a test light.

Carl Heideman
Elva | Project Cars | Restoration | Column | Elva Mk VI
When is the right time to slow down? | Column

Is it finally time to pay more attention to the blinking yellow signs and slow down?

Tim Suddard
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