How to make the move to an aftermarket ECU

When you’ve strayed off the reservation and gone a bit custom, you might well benefit from a standalone ECU.

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25 cars that have defined our scene

After much debate and deliberation, we have come up with the 25 cars that left the biggest impact on our automotive world. We even ranked them in order.

Ultimate track tire guide | 200tw, 100tw, street-legal track and R-comps

What you need to know before choosing your next track tire.

The Car Trailer Is a Key Piece of Racing Equipment That Never Sets a Tire on Track

If you’re serious about motorsports, there’s a piece of equipment you’re eventually going to need: a trailer.

2004-'06 Pontiac GTO | Buyer's Guide

A somewhat bland exterior camouflages one of the most powerful midpriced driving machines produced in decades: The Pontiac GTO.

Lotus Elise vs. Tesla Roadster | Similar looks, different DNA

The Lotus Elise inspired the original Tesla, but how deep does the DNA go?

Vintage Views: Honda Civic Si

Back when VTEC was oh so new.

Period correct tires for your rad-era car

Looking for tires that don't mess with your Radwood vibe? Look no further.

7 chassis primed for budget endurance racing greatness

Need to go fast as inexpensively as possible? These 7 chassis might be the perfect starting point.

2000-'07 Ford Focus | Buyer's Guide

The hot hatch idea was born in Europe and evolved in Japan, but Ford’s fun-to-drive Focus showed that the U.S. could bring the concept home at a domestic-friendly price.

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